Dentics is the center for contemporary and aesthetic dentistry.
Located in the most beautiful part of Belgrade, on Senjak, in Kozjačka Street No. 4a, Dentics is a center of modern and aesthetic dentistry. In the treatment of our patients, we use modern methods and the latest generation of equipment and of course - we love our job. We offer all dental services in one place, and if you join us for free on our web site, you can acquire up to a 5-10% discount on our services.


Why choose us

and painless

The latest technology, together with our many years of experience and top professionalism will give you a completely new experience in solving dental problems.

Professional level of treatment

Top dentists, orthodontists and technicians, as well as permanent professional consultants - professors from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Belgrade are our guarantee for the highest level of dental services.

All treatments in one place

Our team of experts from various dental fields is your guarantee of success in any intervention. We offer everything from prevention and regular check-ups of your teeth and gums, to the most demanding surgical interventions.