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Dental Prosthetics

DENTICS uses state-of-the-art techniques for prosthetic care of patients. Prosthetics with no bleeding, no pain, and no need for a sick leave.

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We apply most commonly used dental implants, which is essential for long term stability of prosthetic restorations.

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Within the field of dental services, Dentics provides top quality services in the treatment of irregularities and anomalies that occur in jaw and teeth development.

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Oral Surgery

All surgical interventions in the oral cavity are painless for the patient with minimal bleeding.

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Dentics pays special attention to the treatment of periodontitis which nowadays has become a widespread disease.

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Teeth Whitening

We perform teeth whitening with the latest American technology which significantly reduces treatment time. It takes only 30 minutes!

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Patient Statements

I have never laughed so much as I do nowadays with my new smile. I used to hide my smile all the time, because of my crooked childhood teeth. This is all in the past now. I laugh all the time. Thank you Dentics!
When a man lives in fear of his smile, it is a kind of an entrapped life. I have experienced it, I admit, as I testify now that life with my new smile is a life of freedom, joy, happiness…
My child was very sad because of the constant teasing of other children, how he has ugly teeth and an ugly smile. We constantly postponed, it turned out, a simple solution. Things are in place now. The child is satisfied now, and we are happy.

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