And It's Not Just Tooth Decay That's to Blame
I nije kriv samo karijes

Due to the general acceleration of life, i.e. life activities, most people have all sorts of dilemmas, those concerning mouth and teeth among others. We provide an expert answer to some of these dilemmas.

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Are We Grumpy On Mondays? How About Trying Something Different?
Mrzovoljni smo ponedeljkom? A da probamo drugačije?

Maybe we could stop for a moment and instead of putting pressure on ourselves look at the things from another angle - the angle of gratitude for the present moment, for example, for being alive and well, among our loved ones, having a job that allows us to pay our bills, having a roof over our head… and anything else that comes to our mind.

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A Smile as Our Trademark
Osmeh kao zaštitni znak

We all radiate energy. And what kind of energy we are going to radiate will depend exclusively on how we feel, i.e. what mood we are in. When we feel beautiful, it is very easy to see that on our face, because a smile is an almost indispensable part of that image. And vice versa, when something upsets us or makes us feel bad, it also appears on our face, and there is no smile to cure us.

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