Are We Grumpy On Mondays? How About Trying Something Different?

Mrzovoljni smo ponedeljkom? A da probamo drugačije?

The situations are more than familiar to all of us. It is Sunday evening, and we are already gripped by restlessness and even nervousness, because tomorrow is that terrible, hated Monday. "You have to" go to work, get up early, commit to work, run around all day and continue so until Friday. However, is it necessary for us to look like this at the beginning of every working week,, and then go on like this until retirement?

Grumpy On Mondays?
Maybe we could stop for a moment and instead of putting pressure on ourselves look at the things from another angle - the angle of gratitude for the present moment,, for example, for being alive and well, among our loved ones, having a job that allows us to pay our bills, having a roof over our head… and anything else that comes to our mind.

When we are grateful for the present moment, we can see the upcoming Monday differently - as a wonderful beginning of a week in which beautiful things may happen. Maybe a new project awaits us at work, which we will enjoy and show all our abilities and skills. We can also meet someone who will become very important in our lives. Children can achieve success that we will enjoy together with them. Someone dear to us gives birth to a child, etc.

A lot of beautiful things can be a part of every day, even Monday, but it is important that we are not so preoccupied with ourselves and our obligations that we cannot see all the wonderful things that are happening around us.

But some of you may hate Monday because a problem at work is bothering you? Will you solve it more easily - with pain in your stomach and a frowning expression on your face, or will you come up with a solution if you take in the energy of your (inner) smile?

Instead of nervousness and gloomy facial expressions, let's start Monday with a smile on our face! A simple smile is something that is going to help us to solve all our problems.

A new week, as the beginning of a new outlook on life!

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