A Smile as Our Trademark

Osmeh kao zaštitni znak

Often we hear and read about how laughter could heal and how those who laugh and smile live longer, are more positive, happier, etc. Then why is it so difficult for some of us to smile and smile? How can we overcome that?

A Smile as Our Trademark
Are we aware how we look like and what effect we have on others when they see us with a smile on our faces? Are we aware of the value of the positive energy we radiate in communication with others?

We all radiate energy. And what kind of energy we are going to radiate will depend exclusively on how we feel, i.e. what mood we are in. When we feel beautiful, it is very easy to see that on our face, because a smile is an almost indispensable part of that image. And vice versa, when something upsets us or makes us feel bad, it also appears on our face, and there is no smile to cure us.

We are often ready to say that we could easily be in a good mood if everything was up to us and we were not annoyed by other people, situations, circumstances, and the country in which we live etc. So we are annoyed by a passer-by on the street, someone on the bus, a family member and we sigh and tell ourselves that we just want to live somewhere else where everything is nicer and more decent.

Is there a way to overcome that and make a smile our trademark?

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