Most Popular Services

Dental Prosthetics

In case of impaired masticatory function when a smaller or larger number of teeth is missing, we use modern methods of rehabilitation of the oral cavity:

  • cosmetic dentistry, metal-free crowns and veneers
  • modern ceramics for crowns and bridges
  • partial skeletal prostheses
  • combined restorations of ceramics and skeletal prostheses using all types of attachments as their connection
  • total dentures
  • all kinds of classic tooth restorations
  • temporary crowns
  • A "Hollywood" smile

DENTICS uses state-of-the-art techniques for prosthetic care of patients. Prosthetics with no bleeding, no pain, and no need for a sick leave.


We hire well-known and recognized experts in the field of implantology, as our permanent associates. We apply most commonly used dental implants, which is essential for long term stability of prosthetic restorations, and these are "Straumann" implants, made in Switzerland.

And when it comes to new techniques and technologies – we consider only those that have been confirmed and scientifically proven in practice.


Within the field of dental services, Dentics provides top quality services in the treatment of irregularities and anomalies that occur in jaw and teeth development.

To achieve this, we hire orthodontists with long term experience and practice in our team.

Dentics uses state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosing jaw and tooth anomalies in children and adults, such as an intraoral orthopedic camera and an X-ray dental imaging device.

In the treatment of jaw and tooth irregularities, we use fixed and mobile devices that are used in the most advanced countries in the world.

We especially emphasize the application of fixed devices of the latest generation and the latest methodology, including aesthetic orthodontics.

To our patients, Dentics guarantees the maximum possible success in the treatment of orthodontic anomalies and reduces treatment time to a minimum.

Our orthodontic treatment of jaw and tooth irregularities, restores correct parameters of the masticatory organs and thus prevent the development of caries and periodontitis, enabling the correct masticatory function, establishing individual aesthetic quality of the patient's face and contributing to the proper psychophysical development of the patient's personality.

Oral Surgery

In our center, we perform all surgical interventions in the oral cavity.

Oral surgery - surgery

  • tooth extraction
  • removal of impacted teeth
  • resection of the tooth root
  • gingivectomy and removal of diseased gums
  • removal of tumors and cysts
  • prosthetic corrections
  • pre-orthodontic treatment interventions

All surgical interventions in the oral cavity are painless for the patient with minimal bleeding.


Dentics pays special attention to the treatment of periodontitis as a widespread disease of the modern world, which destroys the entire jaw. For this purpose, it uses latest devices, such as ultrasound device and laser, but also top materials for jawbone replacement (BIO-OSS, BIO-GIDE restorable membranes, etc.):,

In the treatment of periodontitis, Dentics uses both conservative and surgical methods of treatment, which is supported using latest drugs, which help the bone to heal and regenerate.

After the treatment of periodontitis, we pay great attention to the proper maintenance of teeth, as well as to advising our clients on maintaining hygiene in each individual case and check-ups, which are free and performed regularly.

Teeth Whitening

We perform teeth whitening with the latest American technology, lasting 30 minutes only!

  • Significantly reduced treatment time
  • 3 x 10 minutes in one treatment, the teeth becoming a few shades lighter
  • cold blue light of high intensity
  • no need for UV protection of the lips

Bleaching is not harmful to teeth.

Bleaching treatment involves three ten-minute sessions, altogether 30 to 45 minutes.

Each treatment one can repeat after a few days, or at longer intervals. In some cases, depending on the structure of the teeth and the degree of discoloration, whitening can be completed in just one treatment.

In general - after the first treatment, the patient decides for himself whether he wants to take more treatments or finds achieved results satisfying.

The whitening process is not painful, requires no anesthesia, although a small minority of patients may develop teeth’s sensitivity, which is always transient.

In general, the results of teeth whitening are individual, but whitening is always achieved, to the extent which depends exclusively on the structure and discoloration of the teeth.

We use a special American system, which consists of a cold light producing lamp and whitening gel, and according to the results, this method is ranked among the most successful in the world.

Other services

Dental Diseases - Conservative

When filling and treating teeth, Dentics uses materials and latest generation medicaments which meet dental requirements at a maximal level, such as:

  • dental health
  • tooth function
  • tooth morphology
  • tooth aesthetics
  • reliability, durability and fatigue of materials

All this ensures permanent restoration of teeth, which further guarantees restoration of the correct physiological function of the masticatory organs.

Prevention In Children

Dentics pays special attention to caries in children. We apply all protective and preventive measures to prevent caries. We advice pregnant women and children on proper nutrition. We also provide comprehensive advice to parents and children and demonstrate how to properly maintain dental and oral hygiene, which is considered the basis for preventing caries in children. We perform fluoridation and filling of deep tooth fissures, which improves teeth’s resistance to caries.

Dentics applies the latest methods and uses materials and medicines of the latest generation in the treatment of caries and its complications in children.

Dental X-Ray

Dentics has state-of-the-art X-ray machines, which transfer the image to the computer screen. Computer analysis of the recordings is performed right away.

Dentics performs the following X-rays:

  • One tooth X-ray
  • Several teeth X-ray
  • in cooperation with specialized X-ray rooms, all teeth x-ray, jaws, jaw sinuses and jaw joints, 3D analysis for implant placement

X-ray imaging of teeth with the help of computer software ensures patient to be exposed to a minimal dose of radiation and expands possibilities of correct diagnosis.

Combined Treatments

Dentics can be especially proud of its multidisciplinary treatment of patients. Starting with the extraction and filling of teeth, and through the planning of prosthetic restorations, if necessary, using surgical and orthodontic interventions, complete rehabilitation and rehabilitation of the oral cavity is performed.

In doing so, an individual optimum is achieved for each patient, especially in terms of function, morphology and aesthetics of the masticatory organs.

This allows our patients to reassume their individual facial expressions.